Morning me / evening me

Everybody seems to have a particular time of day when they can get the most work done.

In the morning, right after my cup of coffee, I’m at my most productive. I can take on daring new software tasks, and sometimes polish off a day’s work by noon.

In the evening, not so much. I can certainly put one foot in front of the other and write some code, but I can’t usually do the sort of acrobatic algorithm jockeying that morning me can do.

Still, deadlines are deadlines, and you’ve got to keep pushing forward. Which is why, in the morning, I make lists of stuff to do in the evening.

I’m not talking about the hard stuff, but the stupid stuff. The evening is when I get around to all those rote tasks that have to get done, yet don’t require much in the way of imagination.

When it comes to developing software and new algorithms, morning me is the one who designs the great recipes. Evening me is happy just to get the stove working and make sure the refrigerator is fully stocked.

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