Eclectic trivia contest

I realize, looking back on the challenge I issued in yesterday’s post, that it would be nearly impossible for any one person to get all ten answers right. For any given item, there are people who could rattle off the answer to that item without even thinking. But for other items on the list, those same people might not even recognize the name that I provided as a clue.

It would be interesting to do some demographics, using a challenge like this one as a litmus test. What might be the profile of a person who could get all of the correct answers to such a challenge, without needing to look anything up?

Does such a person even exist? And if they do, what must they be like?

Tomorrow I will provide a link to all of the correct answers. I will do this in the form of a link so as not to spoil it for people who want to keep working on it.

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