Dance VR puppetry

This evening I went to see end of semester student performances at the NYU Dance Department. One thing that really struck me was the way the dance students, who are all supremely talented, tried to push their bodies into new forms of movement that were beyond what we would usually think of as being within the range of human bodily expression.

Watching this, it occurred to me that these young artists could really benefit from combining their talents with the infinite possibilities of virtual reality. If they could think of the target of their expression not as the literal human body, but rather as a kind of unbounded puppetry that could be controlled by their physical movements, I feel that these brilliant young people would come up with new kinds of dance that would be beyond what we might generally consider possible today.

Of course it is impossible to say how such an art form would develop. But I am extremely interested in the possibility of our lab working with their department to explore the possibilities.

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