Somewhere between North Dakota and Michigan

For the last week or so I have been living under a sort of cloud. I made a number of improvements to the software project I’m working on, but the new version was not quite working yet. Until I finished making all of the changes and switching everything over, the whole thing was essentially broken.

So I have been in the awkward position of showing demos using an old version — one that has all sorts of little bugs, and does not have any of the shiny new features I’ve been working so hard to add. But unlike the newest version, that older version at least had the virtue of not being broken.

Finally last night, on a red eye flight from Seattle back to NYC, I decided to forego a few hours of sleep and push through to finish the new version of the software. In a way it was a logical decision, since airplane flights are very good for coding, yet very bad for sleeping.

I arrived at Newark Airport this morning tired but happy. Somewhere between North Dakota and Michigan, I had managed to get the new version working.

All of those shiny new features are now available, and the big cloud that was following me everywhere has dissipated. Maybe now I will go and get some sleep.

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