A little bit every day

There are tasks we never get around to doing because they seem overwhelming. Then there are other tasks we break down into little pieces, doing a little bit every day.

I freely admit that there are quite a few tasks that for me fall squarely into the first category. In fact I may never get around to doing them. I look up at that mountain and all I see is insurmountable height.

On the other hand I have practices that fall very much into the second category. For example, most mornings I wake up very early and head to the lab. Before anybody else shows up I have already put in a solid two hours of programming.

If you were to up all of the time I spend programming every year, it comes to quite a lot. And yet it doesn’t seem like a lot, because I divide the work into those manageable little chunks.

And it doesn’t even seem like work, because I love programming. Perhaps one definition of what we love is whatever we make sure to do a little bit every day.

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