Notes on Future Language, part 1

Back in February 2014 I wrote a post on Future Language. What I meant by that is how language itself will evolve in a future where ubiquitous mixed and augmented reality will be an everyday part of life.

Children growing up in such a world will create shared visual representations of thought by gesturing in the air with their hands. To children born into that reality, this will simply be taken for granted, the way we now take for granted the ability to text or speak on the telephone.

Such forms of visual communication will not replace verbal speech. Rather, they will augment it, allowing speech itself to be used in new ways — much as phone and text have not replaced speech, but rather have extended its reach, allowing it to be used and shared in ways that have altered the way we communicate.

Since my initial post, we are four years nearer to that reality. So this seems like an auspicious time to delve more deeply into the topic.

In the coming days I will go into more detail about how visually augmented speech will evolve, and what that change will mean.

One thought on “Notes on Future Language, part 1”

  1. This and the Future Language post are fascinating. Looking forward to your thoughts on this!

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