Jury duty

Today is my first day of jury duty. Frankly, it’s not even clear that I should be telling you this, because one of the first things they tell you when you start jury duty is that you are not supposed to talk about jury duty.

I guess that makes it like Fight Club. But so far it’s as if in Fight Club absolutely nothing ever happened. Sort of the Zen version of Fight Club.

Imaging Brad Pitt and Edward Norton sitting around all day, doing nothing. Except at one point Brad says “The first rule of jury duty is you don’t talk about jury duty.” And that’s it. For the rest of the day nothing else happens and nobody says anything.

Except maybe at some point Helen Bonham Carter shows up, and gets confused about whether she is talking to Brad Pitt or Edward Norton.
Because, you know, nobody is saying anything.

So far that’s what jury duty is like. Except without the movie stars.

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