Idea for a TV series

Black Mirror generally presents a dystopian vision for the future of technology. In nearly every episode, we are asked to stand witness to the sad aftermath of what probably seemed like wonderful inventions when they were first conceived.

I would love to do a kind of Black Mirror prequel. Each week, we meet an inventor with an exciting idea — one that will undoubtedly change things for the better and make our world a kinder and more wonderful place. To make things more interesting, our guest inventor can be from any era in history.

Perhaps the format can be a start-up pitch. In every episode, our intrepid entrepreneur is seeking investment into an exciting new venture. In the time allotted, our guest needs to describe how his or her innovation will not only benefit humankind, but will also be economically self-sustaining.

For our first episode, the inventor of the week will be a young and brilliant Italian-Swiss scientist with a strong background in applied chemistry. His name: Victor Frankenstein.

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