Standards for this sort of thing

At what point, when national politics just gets too way over the top absurd, do you stop believing it could possibly be real? I’m starting to wonder whether what has been going on recently in our nation’s capital is just some kind of big put-on — a kind of Mike Judge film gone feral.

This all began to become more clear to me when the very identities of three thousand American citizens suddenly winked out of existence. To most of us, those were people who had been tragically lost to hurricane Maria. But apparently they had never existed at all, according to a certain occupant of our nation’s White House.

It seems that their very existence on this planet — thousands of human lives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives — had been a mere ruse conjured up by his crafty political opponents, just to make him look bad. Although I’m not so sure their grieving relatives would agree with him on that point.

The guy is probably feeling pretty proud of himself right about now. Imagine “unpersoning” three thousand human beings — citizens of your own country — simply by declaring that they had never existed. Who could ever top that?

He may not realize that the standards for this sort of thing are pretty high. A while back there were some over in Europe who declared that six million people in my own sub-culture (including quite a few in my own family) had not just died tragic and horrible deaths. In fact, the claim went, they had never even existed.

Guess he’s just going to need to try harder with this whole “making things up” stuff. I am confident, on at least that score, he won’t disappoint us.

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