Too many talks

I was scheduled to give a talk about our research in the early afternoon to a business group that wanted to learn about the future of AR. Which wasn’t a problem — I like giving talks.

But then a colleague called me up with a last minute emergency request: Her guest speaker had fallen ill, and could I give a talk to her class about our research?

I know how difficult these situations can be, so I said yes. So two talks for two very different audiences, back to back.

Then this evening, shortly after the second talk had ended, it was time to teach my graduate class. It’s a great class, with students who are all doing very interesting work.

Which I think is what saved my poor overworked brain. After such a long day, I was quite happy to spend two hours not needing to do anything but listen to somebody else talk about their research.

I just let the students present their projects, while I listened appreciatively, making the occasional constructive suggestion. I am not sure the students realized just how appreciative I really was.

One thought on “Too many talks”

  1. I was at the talk at ITP (The one waving my hand frantically on hearing ‘Rainbow’s End’). So glad that a series of unforeseen events led you to the talk and that I was there to listen to it 🙂 Can’t wait to visit your lab

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