The unopened door, part 10

It was the door. Not the side door through which I had entered, but the one in the very front of the house — the unopened door.

In my mind I traced our route through the house, starting from the location of my ingress, and realized that the door before me was located precisely at the point from which I had first approached the dwelling. The difference was that now I was seeing it from the other side.

At first I regarded the door as a mere curiosity. After all, I already knew that it could not be opened. And what is a door that cannot be opened, I mused, but a particularly ornamental section of wall?

But then, upon further examination, I espied a small yet crucial detail. From my current vantage point, I could perceive at last that which could never have been seen from without: The door was bolted from the inside.

Of course! In a moment I understood the situation in its entirety. The lovely companion sitting beside me, my own beloved brought magically back to life, must have drawn the bolt as a sensible precaution against visitations from unwanted strangers.

I felt a thrill of delight at this realization. How wonderful it would be for the two of us to simply step through that portal hand in hand, and at last enjoy the happy life together which cruel fate had once denied us.

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