Probabilistic clairvoyance

Suppose you could see into the future? That would be wonderful, or it could be dreadful.

After all, perfect foresight would completely remove free will. Your subjective experience of life would be that of a puppet dangling on a string. No matter what you do, you know the outcome has already been determined.

Even worse, you might run into some serious paradoxes the moment you tried to change that future. In the worst case, by creating an unresolvable paradox you might cause your own subjective timeline to simply cease to exist.

But what if you could see into the future with some degree of probability? For example, suppose that half of the time your future vision becomes reality, and half of the time it doesn’t.

This is a very different proposition. You could, for example, always win at games of chance, since you will have the ability to unfairly adjust your bet at any pick of a card or roll of the dice.

Given the above, what would be the optimal such probability of correctness for a person possessed with this particular superpower? Is it indeed 50%? Is there some rational way to figure this out?

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