International flight

An international flight can be wonderful, if you plan it right. Of course you need to plan it right.

For one thing, you need to fly mid-week, when most people don’t travel. That strategy often places you on a fairly empty flight.

Then, if you pick the right airline (for example, Air France), they let you change your seat up to the last minute. That means you can pretty much guarantee that there will be an empty seat next to you.

Next, you need to make sure you’ve got a list of things you really wanted to do. This is your time to do them.

Because a beautiful thing about air travel is that you have a perfect excuse to be off the internet. So if there was something you really wanted to get done, and just needed uninterrupted time to do it, nobody is stopping you.

If you plan a long flight properly, it can be a little slice of heaven.

Now if only somebody could do something about the really annoying bits before and after the flight. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “International flight”

  1. I find the confines of a coach seat too cramped for programming or CAD, but I can write text there. Maybe need to spring for a business class seat to accomplish other tasks.

  2. That’s the reason for taking a half empty flight and being able to change your seat at the last minute. The empty seat next to you makes all the difference in coach.

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