The usefulness of jet lag

Since I have been back from Europe — which is six hours ahead of NY — I have found myself growing very tired early in the evening. I am writing this at around 7pm NY time, and already I am feeling quite sleepy.

Conversely, every morning I find myself waking up at around 5am. None of this is a bad thing.

I tend to be a lot more clear-headed in the mornings, so these last few days have been enormously productive. Fortunately I had the foresight not to schedule anything in the evenings these first few days that I’m back from Europe.

So when I leave the lab each day I simply sink into blissful slumber. Then I wake up bright and early the next morning and get enormous amounts of work done.

I realize this state won’t last. In another day or so my body will adjust to the shifted pattern of sunlight. But while it lasts, it sure is convenient!

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