Proud of my country

I know this may seem like an odd time to say it, but I feel proud of my country. Yesterday I came back from an international flight, and saw the hard working TSA and customs officers keeping things together.

Yes, we have a president who is a complete idiot. Even worse, said idiot spent most of the first month of the new year actively trying to make the U.S. fall apart.

Interestingly, he did this just to promote his crazy Idiot Wall. By now everyone, including the people who voted from him, realize that every dollar spent on the Idiot Wall would be a dollar not available to spend on actual national security measures.

But facts are for those of us in the real world. In the fantasy world of Agent Orange, ill-conceived campaign slogans, no matter how stupid, are more important than real national security.

Which makes me especially proud of the hard working men and women who kept this country going, many without pay, even as an out of control idiot, for completely idiotic reasons, was working to destroy the country they believe in.

Next time you see one of these people at work, be nice to them. They deserve our respect.

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