Hobnobbing with our fellow wizards

Well, people seem to really like CAVE. Today I read a very nice article about it on techradar.

Last night at a small party thrown by Bose, we got to spend a lot of time in deep philosophical conversation with Paul of Felix and Paul. I’ve been a fan of their pioneering VR work for years, so it was fascinating to meet him and to get his perspective on all this.

Then this morning, of course, I made sure to watch the new Felix and Paul VR piece Gymnasia, which is also showing at Tribeca. It was beautiful, as well as disturbing in all the right ways.

I think people are really starting to figure out this medium. And that is not is not so easy, because it requires a new visual language.

After all, after the Lumiere brothers started to popularize projected cinema1, eight more years had to pass before someone finally created the very first movie close-up2. So I guess we are not doing so badly.

1. In 1895
2. The Great Train Robbery, in 1903

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