They have cats

I am staying with friends. They have cats. Six cats to be exact.

Each of their cats has a unique story, an entire history waiting for the telling. I have come to realize that when you visit friends who have cats, you become a participant in an ongoing saga.

This cat is nineteen years old, that one is as big around as a volley ball. Those two cats there are sisters who wandered in one day, deciding they needed to adopt some humans.

As I am sure you know, cats are imperious. They decide what they want and when they want it, and cat people make sure that they have it.

Sometimes I wonder whether the cats are simply biding their time, waiting for some universal signal, something tuned to a high pitch beyond the range of human hearing. And then they will take over, and we will never see it coming.

But then I realize that there are two reasons why this can never happen. One obvious reason is that the dogs are watching, ever vigilant.

They know all too well that the cats can strike at any moment. And for some reason the dogs are eternally loyal to us humans, unlike the cats. They are, I fear, our only line of defense.

But the other reason this can never happen is even more obvious. You see, the cats have already taken over.

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