Imaginary t-shirts

When I read the news, sometimes I respond by making imaginary t-shirts in my head. The question I usually ask myself is “If I wanted to publicly comment on this latest development through a t-shirt, what would I say on the t-shirt?”

It’s tricky, because you can’t put too much. People who see your t-shirt are not going to read long screeds in tiny text.

On the other hand you need to say enough so that people get the point. Sometimes this is easy — so easy in fact, that you don’t even need to make a t-shirt — you can simply buy it.

For example, I bought myself a nice black t-shirt in early 2017 that just says “Nevertheless she persisted.” I knew there was no need to make that one — you could purchase them on-line within one day of the precipitating event.

When I wear that shirt in public I often get an appreciative thumbs up from women passing by. Interestingly, I have never gotten that response from a man.

Reading the news the last few days, I immediately created a particular imaginary t-shirt in my head. I suspect that some people who get the reference would really like it. Others not so much:

      What if your
      daughter were
      “‘his type”‘?

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