Tea ceremony 53

Under that artist’s expert hands, the image fills out rapidly. At first merely two vague forms, but then the details begin to emerge. After a fw minutes is clear that the image is of two women, standing side by side. They are standing with their arms around each others shoulder. One woman has a look and bearing of confidence. The other seems shy, withdrawn. Yet from even a cursory examimation of their faces it is clear that the two women are sisters.

As the image becomes clearer, the details more defined, the artist’s hand, at first o swift and confident, begins to slow. The artist stares down at the picture he has made, and slowly inhales. He places his pencil gently down upon the stair step beside him, taking care that it does not roll.

A single tear drifts slowly down the artist’s face, and falls upon the paper. The tear lands upon the corner of the paper. The artist’s gaze moves from the depiction of the two women to where the tear has fallen, as the tear spreads He traces his finger over the slowly spreading tear stain. Then he puts down the drawing pad, and silently buries his head in his hands.

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