Zom Com Rom Dram Qualm

I just finished binging the fifth and last season of iZombie. Even though it was a show about zombies, it wasn’t really scary, since the central character was an extremely sympathetic (and often quite funny) zombie.

Which was a nice twist. I can’t say I thought the show was high art, but I appreciated it immensely as social and political satire with very witty dialog.

Alas, iZombie is now over, and will be no more. I, for one, will miss it. After all, it’s not every day you get to see a truly superior Zom Com Rom Dram*.

Then again, one day somebody might try to bring it back from the dead, the way other beloved shows have been brought back, like Lost in Space, Get Smart, Dynasty, MacGyver, Knight Rider and Charlie’s Angels.

Just think, some day we may get to see a zombie version of iZombie. Now that would be truly scary.


* Zombie Comedy Romance Drama

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