Word choices

Today the U.S. President referred to the impeachment hearings against him as a “lynching”. It’s an odd verb to use to describe a legal procedure that was set up in the U.S. Constitution for Congress to follow.

Some Americans feel that the word is inappropriate, because people like them have had experience with actual lynchings. But it might be hard for other Americans to fully appreciate that.

So I suggest that the President mix it up a bit by rotating his verbs from day to day. That would allow more Americans to participate in his fascinating experiment in language stretching.

For example, on some days he might refer to the impeachment hearings by saying he is being raped. Women in particular might then be given an opportunity to appreciate how powerful certain unexpected words can be when coming from their President.

On other days, he might refer to it as a genocide. That will have the advantage of bringing Native Americans on board.

Personally, I would hate to see my own ethnic group left out of the process. So maybe every once in a while, our President can just refer to this annoying inconvenience as a Holocaust.

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