Look, a baby carrot!

At the lab today I was using my little procedural modeling system to create some computer graphic shapes. These are things that will go into my virtual reality world. While I was doing this, I was listening with one ear to a conversation of some of my colleagues.

They were discussing snacks to get for a little end-of-week get-together tomorrow. We do those here from time to time, and it cheers people up, especially toward the end of the semester when work can get very intense.

One of my colleagues said that we should get baby carrots. It took me about 10 seconds to modify the thing I was creating — changing the proportions, the color and the lighting — to make it look like a first approximation to a baby carrot.

“Look,” I said, “a baby carrot!”


It doesn’t look exactly like a baby carrot. But for 10 seconds of work, it’s not too bad.

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