Toon VR

I’ve been writing a toon shader for my little virtual reality world. Toon shading a way of rendering things so they look like they are in a cartoon or comic book. The objects in your scene have solid colors and black outlines, as though an artist drew things with a pen and then filled in the colors.

It’s a funny thought, being fully immersed in a world that is clearly not real. In a way it seems like a contradiction. How can things be fully real all around us, yet clearly not real at all?

Rather than a contradiction, I think it’s actually a super power. When things are literally real, they can limit our minds. We are prone to simply see them as they are. But when things start to deviate from the physically plausible, we are given permission to fill in the gaps, to let our minds roam, to use our imaginations.

It’s the same super power that we get from animation. Except with Toon VR, a whole other world of artistic possibility opens up before us.

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