Magic Schoolbus as metaphor

As I’ve said here before, I’m always looking for apt metaphors for the future that our lab’s research is enabling. There are so many metaphors to choose from: Faerian Drama, the Holodeck, The Matrix, the Jedi Council and many others beside.

The other day, as I described our research to a colleague, he said “What you are creating is The Magic Schoolbus!” And I realized he is right.

We are giving people a way to physically gather, and then be whisked off together on a guided tour of fantastical worlds. The possibilities are limited only (as my friend Lance Williams used to say) by the imagination.

This evening I watched an episode of The Magic Schoolbus, and it was completely delightful. I won’t tell you which episode I watched, but I can say that my favorite line was “We’re up Ralphie’s nose???

Normally I would say that the future is nothing to sneeze at. But having just seen that classic episode, I’m not so sure.

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