Train of thought

I am writing this on a train heading to Newark airport to pick up a friend. Actually, I am dictating this on my Android phone.

When I am on a flight, I don’t really think about the fact that I am hurtling around the Earth at some incredible speed. The distances involved are simply too great for my poor human brain to encompass.

But on a train, I can actually see the trees and buildings and roads go by. I remain acutely aware that at every moment I am at a different location.

In my mind, I imagine the words in this blog post spilling out behind me. Together they form a trail that marks the precise location where each moment of thought occurred.

We are all leaving such trails behind us throughout our days, aren’t we? The stories of our lives spool out endlessly as interlocking trails, forming loops and knots and intricate patterns which tie us all together upon this Earth.

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