Silver lining

There is a silver lining to the Republicans in the U.S. Senate voting to conduct an impeachment “trial” without calling any witnesses. The silver lining is that such an outrageous act is going to get a lot of people angry.

In November 2016 a lot of people were angry, so they went to the polls and registered a protest vote. Many people who weren’t angry stayed home. Ever since, we have been living with the tragic outcome.

But when one party in the Senate essentially votes to spit in the nation’s face, a lot of people get angry on the other side. And those people are more likely to get out and vote.

It’s actually not the presidential election that is most important in November 2020 — it’s all the Senate seats that are up for grabs. The Republicans are hanging on by only a very slender majority.

Something as insulting to our democratic system as “a trial without any witnesses” is going to get a lot of people very angry. And those people will be moved in the coming election to contribute time and money to get Democrats elected to the Senate.

If you’re one of those people who feels that anger, this is your chance. Find out which Republican-held Senate seats are vulnerable, and start preparing to contribute however you can to the campaigns of their challengers.

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