Last episode

I just binged the third season of The Thrilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was dark, it was dystopian, it broke all sorts of rules for television that I hadn’t even known existed. All that, and it had great musical numbers.

It takes a certain courage and clarity of vision to pull off a show like this. And I must say, there is something wonderfully transgressive about a coming-of-age teen dramedy in which Lucifer — the Dark Lord himself — is just one more problematic family member.

But my favorite thing about season three, more than anything, was the way they ended it. No spoilers, but by the time you get to the finale, the writers have pretty much dragged you through hell. All of your worst fears have come true, and then some.

And then they do something rather unexpected. The vary last episode is a completely insane and rather Dada-ist homage to nothing other than The Wizard of Oz.

It is something that needs to be seen to be believed. I highly recommend it.

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