Appearance modulation

Let’s say we all suddenly acquired the ability to modulate our physical appearance. In order to remove any inessential issues about technology, imagine we were all given the superpower that Mystique has in the X-Men universe.

What would end up happening? Would appearances converge or diverge? I can imagine a boring scenario in which large numbers of people simply choose to look like their favorite pop star.

But perhaps people will be more adventurous than that. Maybe appearances will start to diverge, in some interesting and exciting way.

Wouldn’t it be cool if people were to experiment with new forms of physical presentation. Clothing choices might end up being just one among many aspects of future fashion.

On-line virtual communities have already been playing around with some of these capabilities for quite a while. But I have a feeling the results would be different if those same capabilities were to suddenly show up out here in the physical world.

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