Clever strategy

I’m surprised to see so many headlines declaring that Michael Bloomberg failed. Apparently the idea is that since he spent $500M and did not secure the Democratic nomination, he is a loser.

But I see it quite differently. The man set out to achieve something, and he succeeded spectacularly in his goal.

His stated goal was to stop the current inhabitant of our White House from being reelected. Clearly he would also want to help flip the Senate away from Republican control. Both of those things are much more likely to happen with Biden rather than Sanders as the Democratic torchbearer.

So he made a big noise, turned himself into a target, and got Elizabeth Warren and others to focus their attacks on him. By doing that, he allowed Joe Biden to arrive at Super Tuesday unattacked and unscathed.

Now Biden (whom Bloomberg likes) is ahead of Sanders (whom Bloomberg dislikes). In addition, Biden, being a moderate, is far more likely than Sanders to help win Democratic Senate seats in November.

And of course Bloomberg has wholehearted thrown his support (and his very large pocketbook) behind Joe Biden. I think the whole thing was absolute genius.

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