Everyone is going home

Starting tomorrow, NYU classes will be conducted remotely on-line. And today we wound down our in-person operations at the lab.

Starting next week, we are planning to start having lab meetings remotely in VR. It will be a good opportunity to compare different VR meeting platforms, and hopefully to learn how we can create one that is even better.

Out in the physical world, it seems that everyone is planning on going home to family. Many people from the U.S. hail from smaller cities far from the West Coast or the Northeast.

People who come from such places have the option to flee the centers of international travel where the outbreak is worst. Unfortunately many of our international students don’t have that option.

For those who are able to travel home during the outbreak, there is something appealing about the idea of people working together at the cutting edge of technology, yet also able to connect with their families. Maybe it suggests a better vision for the future.

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