Virtual shopping cart

We’re not supposed to be less than six feet away from each other. This week as I was going through Costco stocking up on stuff (like everyone else) I realized that everyone was doing the same.

Of course that fact that we were all pushing those big shopping carts helped a lot. You can’t really get too close to somebody when you’re behind one of those things.

I wonder, if this outbreak lasts much longer, whether the “six foot rule” will start getting integrated into wearables. Perhaps the first generation of Apple Glasses will warn you if somebody else comes within six feet of your personal space.

Presumably there will be exceptions for family, and facial recognition will be used by your wearable to make that distinction. After all, there’s no point in keeping a distance between yourself and the folks you live with.

Maybe, to make all this easier, our wearables will generate a virtual shopping cart in front of us, right smack in the center of our field of view. An interface that mimics the one we all have in Costco might help to remind us that we all need to keep strangers at a safe distance.

I guess that would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “virtual shopping cart”.

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