Sonnet to recite while washing your hands

Each time I think of all this outbreak changed
And how our lives have been so rearranged
I think of certain knowledge that we need
To keep us safe, specific rules to heed:
“Keep your distance,” can there be no doubt?
“Don’t touch your face,” “Remember — don’t go out!”
I wonder though, when all of this is through,
And normal daily life begins anew
Just what will have been altered from before
Reminding us of this forevermore?
Well, I think there’s one rule, it is clear,
That will be in our lives from year to year
      For everybody now just understands:
      Count to twenty when you wash your hands!

One Response to “Sonnet to recite while washing your hands”

  1. Ben Kanegson says:

    Thoughts before, completely fade,
    Canoes in the Hudson? Surely charade?
    Lessons learned in 2008,
    Republicans still rush to deregulate.
    Regeneron tinkers a counter drug,
    And doors fly open, the flow unplugged.
    Social distance and washing hands,
    Abruptly gone: pent up demand.

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