Sonnet to recite while washing your hands

Each time I think of all this outbreak changed
And how our lives have been so rearranged
I think of certain knowledge that we need
To keep us safe, specific rules to heed:
“Keep your distance,” can there be no doubt?
“Don’t touch your face,” “Remember — don’t go out!”
I wonder though, when all of this is through,
And normal daily life begins anew
Just what will have been altered from before
Reminding us of this forevermore?
Well, I think there’s one rule, it is clear,
That will be in our lives from year to year
      For everybody now just understands:
      Count to twenty when you wash your hands!

One thought on “Sonnet to recite while washing your hands”

  1. Thoughts before, completely fade,
    Canoes in the Hudson? Surely charade?
    Lessons learned in 2008,
    Republicans still rush to deregulate.
    Regeneron tinkers a counter drug,
    And doors fly open, the flow unplugged.
    Social distance and washing hands,
    Abruptly gone: pent up demand.

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