Rewatching “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

One silver lining in this very dark pandemic cloud is that we can cheer ourselves up by going back and watching favorite movies that we have not seen in years. Yesterday I rewatched “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

I had remembered it as a great film, but I had forgotten just how very great it is. The screenplay by the great Lawrence Kasdan didn’t hurt. Also, once again I was reminded why Harrison Ford is a national treasure.

And of course why Spielberg is Spielberg. 🙂

The action is non-stop thrills, the pre-CGI effects from ILM are breathtaking, and even the minor characters have elegant character arcs. Most of all, it’s a beautiful and fond love letter to adventure films of the 1950s like Secret of the Incas.

And how can you argue with a movie where the main character’s best friend is none other than Gimli, son of Glóin?

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