Weekends, virtual and otherwise

Weekends become somewhat odd during the pandemic. We aren’t going out on Friday and Saturday evenings, so any entertainment becomes virtual.

There is no actual commute to and from an office on weekdays, so that differentiator is gone for now. Any delineation between weekend and weekday becomes primarily a matter of willed definition.

Which means that the concept of a “weekend” has an opportunity to become more flexible. A weekend can now be whatever we want it to be.

If I can get all my work done in three days during this stay-at-home time, then who is to say that my weekend cannot be four days long? And what if I could finish all of my work for the week in a single day?

Should I then take a six day weekend? Is that even a thing?

In the end, I suppose, our own minds provide the limit on the length of the weekend. At least it is for those of us lucky enough to find gainful employment during the outbreak.

I, for one, would not want to sit around for a six day weekend, just kicking back and watching movies. Two days or maybe three are quite enough for me. Give me a good project to work on, and I am a happy man.

But I still plan to take weekends off. :-)

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