Clouds are the most ordinary thing in the world. We see them every day, floating above us in the sky. Clouds are not something most people think about a lot.

Yet suppose you could only see a good cloudy day once in your life. Those soaring towers of light, the swirling patterns, the intricate feathers of alabaster writ large against the twilit sky.

You would be amazed and overwhelmed. The sight of a good cloud-filled sky is a thing of breathtaking beauty, if only we could remember to truly look.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t take our greatest treasures for granted? Think how much richer our lives would be.

4 thoughts on “Clouds”

  1. I remember when I first started university in Edinburgh. Many of the students from further afield made comments about how beautiful the city was. Having grown up in a town with similar architecture, it just looked normal to me.

    I was blessed to live in such a beautiful place, yes cursed not to appreciate it!

  2. Well said. Truly, beauty and wonder is all around us.
    Tagging this for later reflection.

  3. To look at it another way, imagine if total solar eclipses happened several times a week. They’d likely be considered a nuisance, not a spectacle.

  4. Wonder lies in the unexpected,
    firing new pathway as we learn.
    So to be child-like again shall we released the known
    – or the thinking of the known –
    and embrace everything
    like the air we breath ?

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