Father’s day

My father, whom I loved dearly (and who loved me dearly as well), passed away some years back. Even now he shows up in my dreams.

In those dreams, he is not suffering from the terrible wasting disease that made the last years of his life so painful. Instead, he is in the prime of his health.

In these dreams my father and I generally find ourselves walking along, deeply immersed in one-on-one conversation. He is his usual calm and wise self, and I know I can discuss just about anything with him.

When I wake up, I usually don’t remember what we talked about, but I know he has given me great advice. On those lucky mornings, I feel ready to face the world and take on whatever might come my way.

I have a feeling that my dad will always be dropping by from time to time, whenever he knows that I need him. This makes me very happy.

One thought on “Father’s day”

  1. Have you watched Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist? I don’t remember what disease your father had (you told me long ago but I forgot) but I thought of you sometimes while watching that series. I found it quite touching and also fun.

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