House plan

Today I drew a sketch for a house plan. I did it with pencil on paper, with no computer involved..

I realize that there is all sorts of fancy software out there I could have used. Yet there is something immensely satisfying about creating plans for things in the physical world using only tools that exist in the physical world.

It would be interesting to compare house plans created with pencil and paper against house plans created with computer software. Might there be systematic differences between them?

Even more interesting, would you be able to tell the difference just by walking into the house that eventually exists in the real world?

2 thoughts on “House plan”

  1. We had an architect design an addition for our house, and he delivered hand-drawn plans. I asked why he chose the manual route other than a CAD system, and he explained that drawing plans was only a small part of the job and to get proficient with a CAD system, you have to use it a lot. A few months later, I came home from work to find that the contractors had framed a roof portion, and I asked why it was sloped north-south instead of east-west. It was at that moment we discovered the inconsistency between the different views on different pages of the hand-drawn plans. No, the architect’s name was not M.C. Escher.

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