Immersive Zoom backgrounds

Right now Zoom and its rival products show up on a flat screen. But there will come a point, after a few technological advances, when the equivalent of Zoom will be all around you.

You and your conversants will have the experience of “beaming in” to a shared 3D space. When the conversation starts, you will all perceive each other as though you are in the same physical room.

That will open up an entire new industry for immersive backgrounds. Rather than static images or video loops, these will be fully immersive 3D environments.

Some will be scans of real places, and others will be constructed fantasies of places that do not exist. Which means there will be an entire industry of people creating those virtual meeting places.

Sounds to me like a really cool job.

2 thoughts on “Immersive Zoom backgrounds”

  1. Our company’s video conference system recently upgraded to easily add fancy backgrounds. Now everybody beams in from a huge house with a pool outside…

  2. That’s very funny! I’ve never used that as a zoom background. But just today I tried out a ship’s corridor from Star Trek Discovery and Young Sheldon’s bedroom (two shows that I don’t ever watch), and it was quite satisfying.

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