Folded house

I’ve been wondering what the possibilities are of living in a “folded house”. By this, I mean the following:

Imagine that when you are inside your home, you are wearing really good future virtual reality specs. You can see the entire physical space around you, but transformed in any way you want by virtue of software filters.

So your ceiling might actually only be seven feet high, but you might have things set up so that you see vaulting cathedral ceilings. Or you might have large virtual picture windows, which look out onto the landscape of your choice.

In addition, redirected walking would allow you to have the illusion of inhabiting a much larger space than you physically occupy. The same two or three modest sized rooms might, with the right software, feel like a large mansion.

You can also upgrade your house size entirely through software. Adding more “rooms” would be very easy, and rather inexpensive.

I’m not sure what the real limits are here, but I think it’s worth pursuing. In not too many years, VR technology will advance to the point where all of this may start to be relevant to millions of people.

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