Creating your world

Something very few people have experience so far, but which will be come ever more common, is creating the physical world in which you live.

There have been ways to approximate this for centuries. For example, you can build a house and put whatever you want into it.

But there are limits to that. You can’t change the physics within the house, like making water run uphill, or having a useable seating area on the walls or ceiling, or instantly change the dimensions of various rooms.

But once we have achieved mature and universally accessible mixed reality, that will change. Anybody will be able to create their own physical environment, and will be able to modify it at well.

Tools that are designed for the lay consumer will start to emerge, just as in an earlier era the advent of YouTube prompted the rise of easy to use tools for video creation and editing.

I am not sure exactly what those future tools will look like. But I am excited to try them out, and hopefully to have a hand in developing them.

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