Future house materials

Let’s say you are wearing those futuristic specs that are coming sometime in the next few years. When that day comes, you will essentially be living in “blended reality” — a reality in which some aspects of what you see around you are physical, and others are purely virtual.

One thing that occurs to me, as we prepare to live in blended reality, is that the materials in our homes can visually change at will. One day you might be living in a wooden cabin, the next day in a castle made of stone.

Then perhaps you might decide to live in a house made of ice, or even diamond. You and the other people in your house could even be perceiving the same house differently, depending on the personal tastes of each inhabitant.

The possibilities, as Lance Williams used to say, are limited only by your imagination.

2 thoughts on “Future house materials”

  1. Yes, I like that term more than any of the other terms that people have been throwing around. It conveys the real essence of what is happening.

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