Socially distanced fitness

Just this week both Apple and Facebook announced new initiatives for supporting health, exercise and wellness. In both cases, their offerings are consistent with a wired, non-collocated world.

In other words, two of the world’s largest consumer tech companies are throwing their considerable weight behind helping people to stay healthy in a way that allows for social distancing.

Are we seeing a sea change in the fitness industry? Yoga studios are going out of business, due to the harsh realities of the pandemic. Meanwhile, Pelaton and similar remote-exercise offerings have gotten a large boost for the same reason.

Now the largest players of all are stepping into the arena, aiming to create entire consumer ecosystems out of socially distanced fitness. When I see something that seismic, it makes me wonder — even after this terrible pandemic is over — whether things will ever truly go back to the way they were.

2 Responses to “Socially distanced fitness”

  1. J. Peterson says:

    There’s a Kickstarter project called “Ghost Pacer” that adds an AR twist to mobile fitness: Put the goggles on, and somebody is running at your pace in front of you.

    I’m sure you could make this more interesting though. Like, the character running in front of you has your wallet. And when the goggles sense you turning your head, you see the tiger is still gaining on you.

  2. Ruofei Du says:

    “Social” is the keyword missing from virtual fitness. We want it back!

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