LSMFT, part 1

Some years ago I was walking around lower Manhattan with a companion. The topic got to contemporary popular cultural references.

I said that you could probably figure out someone’s age within a few years by which pop cultural references they recognized, and which they did not. There is, after all, a certain range of dates during which certain movies, TV shows and commercials appear, after which most vanish into the mists of time.

Except in the memories of those who witnessed them.

A case in point, I said, is the acronym “LSMFT”. Unless you are a culture nerd, you would need to be older than us to know what that means. My companion just looked at me blankly, with no sign of recognition.

At that moment, an older man who had been walking behind us spoke up, and proudly announced what “LSMFT” stands for. In a way, he was elegantly proving my point.

I suspect that anyone under about 75 years of age, unless they are very unusual, will not recognize this acronym, whereas any American over about 75 will know exactly what it means.

I’m curious — is there anyone out there in the younger demographic who already knows what LSMFT means, without Googling it?

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