Quest 2

Today I tried out my new Oculus Quest 2. The only important difference I could see between the Quest and the Quest 2 is that the latter has higher resolution.

But that is an incredibly important upgrade. If you want to get serious work done in VR (and I definitely want to get serious work done in VR), then you need to be able to read text.

On the Quest, you could read text, but only if it was in a large font. In that sense, the experience was kind of like working on an old-fashioned low resolution computer monitor.

The Quest 2 has no such problems. Text is gorgeous, clear and easy to read. The change is extremely welcome and extremely satisfying.

Now I’m going to get some serious work done.

2 thoughts on “Quest 2”

  1. Curious: Does this increase the time you can continuously spend wearing the headset?

    I’ve only tried VR/AR for a few minutes at a time, and often wondered how well the experience holds up for longer-term projects (e.g., designing a house).

  2. If only one can use it without the mandatory tracking account though, I am not sure to be ready to trade technological freedom for this kind of corporate chain but it is tempting, can wait for the competition 🙂

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