Not that long ago, USB-C connectors were an oddity. If you had a device that expected one, you needed to remember to bring a special adaptor, to connect with the rest of the digital world.

But today I noticed that all the digital devices I use every day are USB-C connected. That includes my Apple MacBook computer, my Google Pixel phone and my Facebook Oculus Quest 2.

Whenever lots of major competing corporations can agree on something, there is most likely a good reason. And as a consumer, I certainly find it convenient to standardize on one form factor — and also not to have to worry about which way to plug it in. 🙂

I wonder what was going on behind the scenes to make that transition happen so quickly and pervasively.

2 thoughts on “USB-C”

  1. I don’t have any USB C devices yet. My wife has one or two plus some Apple-specific thing. I have such a hard time distinguishing between them that I invariably bring the wrong thing when she asks me to grab a charger for her.

    I was pretty happy when “everything” standardized on micro-USB, which I think was also a regulated change.

    Right now, I have am 11-port hub on my desk with micro USB, mini USB, USB B, USB A, and those extra wide USB 3.0 cords hanging out of it, because I use all of them on a regular basis. Still no need for USB C though.

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