Dog gossip

Have you ever noticed that when people take a dog on a walk, the dog usually gets really interested in any poop it finds from other dogs? A dog will nearly always stop and sniff with great seriousness, as though the poop contains important information.

It’s as though there is a secret language, transmitted by smell, which only dogs know. A way for them to communicate which seems useless to anyone else, but is apparently of great importance to them.

So maybe smelling poop is how dogs gossip.

Or it could be the other way around. Maybe when we humans gossip, it’s our way of leaving poop for other people to find.

One thought on “Dog gossip”

  1. Queue old joke about “PMail”.

    I heard an NPR blurb on dog’s noses, and it makes you realize their perception of the world is fundamentally different than ours, because scent is the primary sense, not vision. Like, dogs have separate scent organs on the left and right of the their noses, so their scent detection is directional.

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