Saw the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction last night. Last night, December 21, you could see Jupiter and Saturn nearer to each other in the night sky than we would have been able to see since about 800 years ago.

If you didn’t see it, you haven’t totally missed it yet. Tonight and for the next few nights they will still be nearly as close.

It was magnificent. I bought a telescope just for the occasion, and I am very happy that I did. As an extra bonus, the three largest moons of Jupiter were stretched out in a perfect line with Jupiter itself, and the whole thing was quite beautiful and thrilling.

Now I have caught the planetary astronomy bug, and I want to see more. I am going to need to need a bigger telescope.

I imagine a lot of other people are having similar experiences, something that probably happens every time there is a major celestial event.

Maybe we can all form a club, We could call it the Astronomical New Devotees (AND) society.

Which iI guess makes sense, because AND is a conjunction. 🙂

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