TV commercials

Why do TV commercials work? I have been wondering this since I was a little child.

Nobody really seems to like them. When they show up on our phone we eagerly skip past them as soon as we can.

When we see them on TV they drive us crazy. They end up disrupting our experience of whatever movie or TV show we were watching.

Yet clearly we still go out and buy the products they are hawking. Why else would people spend so much time and money getting them in front of our faces?

There must be some rational explanation for the phenomenon of TV commercials. Has somebody actually figured out why they work?

3 thoughts on “TV commercials”

  1. Adverts work because our environment and choices have become so large, time is short and we require knowledge to purchase goods. In the past people lived in small communities and what you bought was a limited amount of essential goods with advice from trusted family members and neighbours. We are now given this information from companies and don’t have time to research or question it so we buy the goods because it’s the only reasoning we have, unless you slow you mind and train yourself to question why do I need this.

  2. I can’t speak to TV commercials, but I know podcast ads worked on me at least once. I mean, if Roman Mars (of 99PI fame) claims something is well designed, how can you resist?

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