Week notes

Since I was a child, I have always associated the seven notes of the diatonic musical scale with the seven days of the week. In particular, A through G are Saturday through Friday.

So when classes were scheduled in school on various days of the week, I would think of them as musical chords. A class scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday was a C major chord: C,E,G.

Similarly, a class scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday was like the the first two notes of a D minor chord: D,F.

I suppose, if I were to plan my academic schedule around this notion, I would plan my week accordingly. I would take courses in my Major either on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on Thursday, Saturday and Monday, or on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.

I would take courses in my Minor either on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I would reserve Mondays for learning the fundamentals.

And I would definitely take lots of notes. 🙂

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