Reality distortion field

Everybody has their own reality distortion field, which they carry around with them wherever they go. Each of us looks at reality through our individual preferences.

There are things that I happen to like, and other things that I don’t like. You might find some things fascinating and things not so much. So in effect, no two people look at objective reality through exactly the same lens.

But what will happen when we all have those mixed reality glasses? There will be at least an opportunity for each of us to perceive the likes and dislikes of others.

If we can work our way through the privacy issues, we might end up getting a serious power up to personal communication. Once we can see each others’ reality distortion fields, we might find kinder and more appropriate ways to be good to one another.

On the other hand, it could all just be used to sell ads. This is definitely a situation where taking responsibility is a good idea. We should be paying close attention to Kranzberg’s first law of technology.

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